CSC Evaluation

GU-15 birth year 2005 or later Venom

Tuesday, May 14,21    5:30-7:30  @ Camp Smith

Thursday, May 16,23    5:30-7:30 @ Camp Smith

Head Coach  Marty DiCola   914-739-9397

GU-19 birth year 2001 or later Vipers

Wednesday, May 15,22    5:30-7:30  @ Camp Smith

Friday, May 17th     5:30-7:30  @  Camp Smith ‎

Wednesday, May 24th 5:30-7:30  @ Camp Smith

Head Coach  Marty DiCola   914-739-9397

Additional Information/Requirements:

· Please plan to arrive 10-15 minutes prior to the start of the evaluations to ensure all players are ready to go at the designated start time.
· Players should bring a ball, shinguards, proper footwear (cleats) and sufficient water or sports drink.
· A parent or guardian should accompany each player.
· The signed registration form (downloaded from the registration page) must be presented to the registrar at the beginning of each evaluation, along with the registration fee and a copy of document proving player date of birth (birth certificate, passport, etc.)
· No child will be evaluated without the signed registration form.
· Players must attend both evaluation dates.
· All adults over the age of 18 may be required to show driver’s license or photo ID before being allowed to enter the Camp Smith Military Base. Make sure you do not leave home without it!

Questions about the evaluations or the Club may be
directed to specific team Head Coaches, or to Cortlandt Soccer Club
President, Marty DiCola at (914) 739-9397 or or
to Club Registrar, Sheila Chang at (914) 260-2365 or