Please keep in mind

Camp Smith

The base is an operating Military Facility. We are guest at the facility.

Vehicles are subject to search,speed limit is 20 MPH and strictly enforced. 

All adults present in a car must have a valid photo id to enter. 

No pets are not allowed.

No alcoholic beverages are allowed on base. Bathroom facilities:  

Portable toilets are located in the North East corner of the parade field. The barracks are off limits. Civilians and guests are not allowed in any of the buildings unless it is an emergency.

 Garbage: There are no receptacles for garbage at the parade field. Please carry out your trash as well as the trash generated by the teams and their guests.


Thank You Cortlandt Soccer

Enter the Camp Smith From US 202 follow the blue line below to arrive at Visitors Field Parking. Fields are marked in Green.

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FROM NORTH : RTE 9 SOUTH to intersection of Rte 6 & 202 at the Annsville circle.

Follow Rte 6 and 202 West approximately 300 yards, entrance to Camp Smith will be on the right.  (between two Army Tanks)

Proceed to Guard shack. Baker Hall will be the first building on the left past post Head Quarters on the right

Fields will be past Baker Hall on the right adjacent to covered bleachers.

FROM SOUTH: RTE 9 or 9a NORTH to intersection of Rte 6 & 202 make left over the Jan Peek Bridge into the Annsville circle. Follow directions above.

FROM WEST: RTE 6 & 202 EAST cross over Bear Mt. Bridge, follow 6 & 202 approximately 2.5 miles turn left into entrance to camp smith.

FROM EAST: RTE 6 OR 202 to intersection of Rte 9 follow to intersection of Jan Peek Bridge. Follow directions above.

FROM TACONIC: EXIT Rte 6 or 202 and follow directions from east.